L Plates

Where to Buy

Amazon sell the different types of L Plates. These Amazon links all meet the size and colour requirements:

Buy Magnetic L Plates on Amazon

Buy Self Adhesive L Plates on Amazon

Buy P Plates on Amazon



This type does not require any adhesive or ties to secure to the vehicle. Magnetic are best suited for learners who need to easily remove and replace without a permanent fixture.

Self Adhesive

Self Adhesive are not magnetic and typically have a sticky back to adhere to the vehicle. Self Adhesive are suitable for those who don’t need to regularly remove and replace the plates. This type usually comes with holes near the corners to allow for ties as an alternate to using the sticky back.

The Law on L Plates

L Plates must be fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle while the learner is driving. The L Plates should be removed once a qualified driver takes over the driving. Driving school or Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) vehicles are permitted to display L Plates regardless of who’s driving.

Size and Colour

A red L on white background is required and must meet the minimum size requirements provided by gov.uk. All Amazon products that we link to on this page meet the legal requirements.

Up to 6 penalty points can be issued to learners who fail to display L Plates or are using the wrong size.


In Wales, learners can display the standard L Plate, or a D Plate or both. The “D” stands for “Dysgwr” which is Welsh for “learner”. D Plates are not permitted outside of Wales.

P Plates

After passing the driving test, drivers may display P Plates (with a green P meaning probationary) which indicate to road users that the driver is inexperienced. These are great for nervous or anxious drivers because other road users should have more patience and be more cautious. If you see a driver displaying P Plates, be sure to give them some space.