Driving Crash Courses and Intensive Driving Courses

Driving crash courses and intensive driving courses are a high intensity, short course of driving lessons with the aim of achieving a pass as soon as possible. If you have a few weeks spare and can afford the upfront cost then an intensive driving course could be suitable.

A typical learner takes 45 hours of lessons to succeed in passing their test, which can be time consuming and costly. Crash courses won’t necessarily reduce the hours needed to gain the driving knowledge and practice, but you can certainly reduce the period of time by squeezing lots of lessons into a short space of time.

We recommend passing your driving theory test before taking an intensive course, because you can focus on the driving at hand. Read our guides on the Best Theory Test Apps and Driving Theory Books.

Pros to Driving Crash Courses

  • Ideal if you need to get driving asap, perhaps due to work or some other commitments.
  • Very regular lessons can help to retain the knowledge and avoid repeating mistakes on consecutive lessons
  • Ideal for those who have a lot of free time and can focus on the driving lessons
  • Discounts are available – see our guide on Cheap Driving Lessons.

Cons to Driving Crash Courses

  • High upfront cost
  • Can be stressful and very fast paced
  • May not be suitable for anxious or low-confidence learners
  • Not ideal for those working full time or have other large time commitments

Refresher Course

Intensive driving courses can be beneficial to those who have already passed their test and need a refresher. There are courses that don’t do the full beginning to end course if you simply need a day or two of instensive refresher lessons. Typically people that passed their test some time ago and didn’t get their own car can use these types of courses to build their confidence back up before going back out on the road alone.

Learner Testimony

The Telegraph published an article with the views of a learner doing an intensive driving course. In the article, Jonny claims it was better than the typical learner route of taking 6 months of lessonss, although he did point out he was only “faintly knackered” by the end of it!