Female Driving Instructor

Nervous or anxious learners often seek out a female driving instructor, which is completely understandable. Learning to drive means taking instruction and criticism from a stranger which is not a natural thing to do for many people. Driving instructors are trained to quickly intervene if there is a safety issue out on the road and some learners could be more comfortable with a female driving instructor.

Female Driving Instructor vs Male Driving Instructor

There are arguments that women are often perceived as more empathetic than men, or that men can be straight to the point and perhaps a little abrupt – whether these are true or not remains to be studied but if a learner is more comfortable with a female driving instructor then they’re within their rights to do so.

How to find Female Approved Driving Instructors

There are lots of outstanding male driving instructors but should a learner want a female driving instructor, we recommend using the free to use Bark.com to find a female driving instructor. Fill in a paragraph or two of what you’re looking for and Bark will arrange for female driving instructors to provide a quote, allowing learners to firstly find female driving instructors and secondly to compare the cost. For cheap driving lessons, read our dedicated guide to cheap driving lessons.

Other than Bark.com, the obvious option is to do the legwork yourself by calling driving schools and asking specifically for a female, you can always say you’ll think about it and call back if a male answers!

Rather than choosing driving instructor based on sex alone, it’s perhaps better to find a driving instructor that you get on well with. Get in touch with your local driving instructors be it male or female and have a chat with them to see if they’re the kind of people you’d get on well with, and take instruction well with because of course, any friction between the learner and driving instructor can be a determent to the learner and therefore hamper the learner in their course of learning to drive.

Male and Female Instructor Training

Male and female instructors complete the exact same training and you can rest assured that whichever you choose, the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will be trained to a high standard.


If you’re undecided whether to choose a male or female driving instructor, we recommend taking a couple of lessons with no strings attached with an instructor to see how well you both get on together. Sometimes people just don’t gel well! The best savings can be had by booking a block of multiple lessons but in this case consider hanging fire and finding the right insturctor before you jump in a book a block of lessons.