Driving Theory Book

In this guide we’ll look at the best driving theory book and Highway Code.

The official DVSA theory test for car drivers

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Created by the people that set the test, the official DVSA theory test book is the best way to learn the driving theory if you like a hard copy or Kindle edition. For smartphone and tablet apps, see our guide to the best theory test app.


  • Attitude and staying alert
  • Road safety and vehicle handling
  • Hazards
  • Dealing with vulnerable road users
  • Motorway rules
  • Road signs
  • Accidents

What We Liked

We liked that the book is written by the people that set the tests – the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency). The content is split up into manageable sections and is easy to follow. The driving theory book includes everything a learner needs to get the theory knowledge required for the test. The book provides logical explanations to help learners fully understand, instead of simply giving the answer. Learners are much more likely to pass the theory test when they understand the concepts and problems, not just parroting the correct answers. If you’re looking for a quality learner drivers book then this is the best you can buy. Take it on a plane, on a train, read it in bed – whatever suits you best. The important thing is to get stuck in and learn the theory. Clearly rules of the road aren’t exactly the most thrilling read but this book is a necessity for passing the theory test.

Other Driving Theory Books

The AA also offer their own driving theory book called Driving Theory Test, Practical Test & the Highway Code. The benefit of this driving theory book is that it also includes the Highway Code.


  • Theory test
  • Practical Test
  • Highway Code
  • Concise layout for easy revision

DVSA Official 2015 Highway Code

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The Highway Code is the list of rules of the road for England, Scotland and Wales. Receiving constant updates, we recommend all learners and road users have a copy of the Highway Code to keep their knowledge up to date.

Especially useful for learner drivers because it contains suggestions for new drivers during their first year of driving.

If you’re interested in the legislation that is behind the rules of the road, you can read about it in the Highway Code.

There’s more information available on the gov.uk website.