Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

To drive your own car, you need a special type of car insurance for learner drivers that covers you as a provisional driver. This is also called provisional driver insurance.

Where to Buy

Shopping around to get the best deal is recommended. Price comparison websites such as enables you to fill in a single form and get a list of quotes from different car insurance companies. When you fill in the form, be sure to select your status as a learner driver or your insurance could be invalid.


These insurance policies come in a few flavours:

12 month Policy

A 12 month policy can be updated to a qualified driver policy after you pass your test.

Fixed Term

Fixed terms policy are a set fee for a fixed length of time, usually a few months. If you’re a confident learner and believe you can pass your test within the fixed term then this type of policy may be for you. At the end of the term or after passing your test, you can shop around for a qualified driver policy. If you come to the end of the fixed term and require more learning time, you can always take out another fixed term policy.

Provisional Driver Insurance vs Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

Sometimes there is some confusion between provisional driver insurance and car insurance for learner drivers but these are actually the same and shouldn’t be confused.

Car Choice

Insurance companies look at the make and model of the car when determining the premium cost so if you can, steer clear (no pun intended!) of sporty types or any kind of car that is popular with teenage boys.

Some of the cheapest cars to insure in 2017 are:

  • Toyota Yaris
  • Kia Picanto
  • Renualt Twingo
  • Vauxhall Corsa
  • Hyundai i10
  • Skoda Citigo

As you can see from the list, the cheapest cars to insure are small hatchbacks with 1.0L engines and are not a luxury manufacturer. Small cheap cars are cheap to repair and so insurance companies give discounts on these kind of cars.

Insurance with an Approved Driving Instructor

Usually there is no need for additional insurance when driving in a driving school or ADI car because it is included in the cost of lessons and the instructor or school has already arranged the insurance cover.